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Off Grid Energy Intensive

Daniel Schwartz Teaching Off Grid Energy Intensive Course

Off grid may just be synonymous with solar power, micro-hydro, and wind power. Don’t let this complex and interesting topic scare you, and don’t get taken by silly Facebook “how-to” videos.

In this off grid energy intensive, gain real hands experience off grid technology. Direct, to-the-point teaching cuts through the crap so you have the real knowledge to make off grid an achievable reality.

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Learn Off Grid Solar

Probably the most popular off grid energy methodology. Small scale solar can be almost stupidly easy, but as you scale up to home or homestead scale, it can be easy to make stupid mistakes.

Topics include:

  • Choose the right panels for your needs
  • How off grid solar systems really work
  • Where it’s worth it to spend money and where to save
  • Bonus upgrades: sun tracking, panel cooling, & the secret to living comfortably off grid

Power Up with Micro-Hydro and Small-Scale Wind

While they can require a bit more effort, these technologies, and micro-hydro in particular, can be incredible boons in certain locations. In the course we will get hands on with wind mills, and water turbines. Learn:

  • Which water turbine is right for your property
  • How much FREE power is there for the taking
  • Practically free salvage generators, and affordable new ones

Batteries, Charge Controllers, and Electronics

This course is more than just a buyers guide to getting Amazon affiliate commissions. Our primary goals is to impart a full understanding of a complete off grid system, inside and out.

Included with the course:

  • How to choose the right components for your system
  • A “just the facts” tour of your off grid electrical system from an electrical engineer’s perspective.
  • Exclusive designs and builder’s guide for DIY, open source off grid electrical system MPPT charge controllers

Think Outside the Box

Many courses just leave off too soon. The most important part of an off grid system isn’t the energy production, but efficiency in consumption. Often $1,000 spent in efficiency upgrades can save $3,000+ in panels and system costs.

With the right mindset and a creative mind, there are many low cost and amazingly effective ways to live free and save money at the same time.

Secrets of Incremental Adoption

Often, the up front expensive of converting to off grid energy can seem daunting. But the move doesn’t necessarily need to be an expensive one.

I’ll pass on uncommon tips to move off the grid little by little, month my month, and completely debt free.

Leave with a Plan

FREE with the course you will get my comprehensive 33 step guide to going completely off grid. This step by step guide will take you from grid dependent to completely independent in the most direct and easy to follow way possible.

By the end of this course, you will have a comprehensive transition plan in place to move your life, and your family’s, from dependent and ecologically destructive to liberated and conservator at the same time.

Enroll Now ($1,099)