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Gravity Flow Water Systems

Gravity Flow Water System Course

Most of us take water for granted because it just comes out of the tap. But, off all grid connected systems, water is the most essential and potentially the most vulnerable.

This course teaches you how take maters in to your own hands, with the design and construction of a completely off grid water system for your own home or property.

Water systems found in most homes today can be quite complex and difficult to maintain. They also have a critical flaw. Deep well systems always require pumps to operate, and possibly several pumps depending on the design of your home. This makes electricity an essential component of your water systems, and leaves you vulnerable to expensive pump failures.

With off grid, simplicity is key. In this course I’ll show you not often talked about ways to build your off grid water systems that eliminates pumps, electricity, and complex design to save money and ensure you always have water when you need it.

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What You Learn about Gravity Flow Water Systems Design

  • How to design a complete gravity flow off grid water system
    • Is gravity flow water right for me?
    • How to choose the right pipes and fitting for your water needs
    • Placement and head calculations
  • Selection of off grid water sources including:
    • Deep well
    • Shallow well
    • Surface water
    • Rainwater collection
  • Get the most out of the water you have
    • Grey water systems
    • Water saving showers and hygienic devices
    • Clothes washing
  • Cost effective cisterns / water storage
    • Ferro-cement DIY cistern
    • Plastic water storage
    • Other off grid water storage ideas
  • Water heating
    • Solar water heaters: a builders guide
    • Innovative wood fired water heaters
    • Low cost hot water tubs (my favorite)

A Complete Handbook of Gravity Flow Water Systems Design

This course comes with a complete guide/handbook for water systems design. It cover everything in the course and is full of photos and drawings showing you everything you need to know to get the job done.

Just this book alone would be worth the cost of the course, given how many mistakes you are likely to avoid and how much money you could save building your own off grid water system. However, in the course itself you get additional handouts and video material that expand on the contents of the book.

Can You Afford to Wait

When it comes to your safety and th safety of your family, can you afford to wait. This course is the most direct and cost effective way to learn about and achieve water independence. There is no more valuable investment than to be able to ensure your access to water, no matter what comes next.

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