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About Daniel Mark Schwartz


Daniel Mark Schwartz a specialist in off grid living, renewable energy, and permaculture. Daniel is a former city dweller who moved to the country and has loved every day since. His mission is to support others in building healthy, sustainable, independent lifestyles that transcend the industrial norm.

“Sewing the seeds of an infinite future”

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My Story

I learned to love nature from a young age. Growing up in southern Oregon, I spent countless hours exploring the wilderness near my home, or trekking with the scouts. At the same time, I fell in love with philosophy, mathematics, and eastern wisdom. Thick books where my constant companion around the camp fire.

After high school graduation, I attended Oregon State University, where I studied engineering and physics. Graduating with a BS in Physics.

At that time, I thought I might become an academic, but felt lingering concerns that I might be missing something if I cloistered myself in university study. Coming to a cross-roads, I seared for the answer in meditation, and decided to experience life directly.

Over the next decade, I grew my life experience and honed my skills. Much of that time was spent living in wild Alaska. Or, in various postings around the world as an Airborne Linguist with the United States Air Force.

During my wanderings, I through various trainings —

  • Buddhist Mediation, Thailand
  • Yoga, India
  • Natural Building Apprenticeship, Arunachal Pradesh
  • Shamanic ceremony, Peru

Ultimately, I came to the realization that my life purpose was to serve the public by researching and educating in the field of sustainability and self-sufficiency.

My dream is to empower anyone to enrich their life by living in an increasingly nature focused and sustainable manner.