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About Off Grid Permaculture

Our Mission

Off Grid Permaculture is an educational project designed to assist those seeking to develop a sustainable, self-sufficient lifestyle. OGP’s primary mission is to support people living or interested in living off the grid with informational articles, videos, and other education resources designed for their needs.

“Leading the way in sustainability through self-reliance.”




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About the Author

Daniel Mark Schwartz Head Shot

Daniel Mark Schwartz

Daniel is the founder Off Grid Permaculture and A Seed Forever, LLC. Currently, Daniel is the primary author and editor of Off Grid Permaculture. He is an instructor with St. Paul’s Free University. BA Physics, Oregon State University. VersaTerra natural building certified.

The Off Grid Permaculture Story

The idea for Off Grid Permaculture began in 2013, when Daniel first caught the bug to move off grid. At that point, the concept was still in early stages. But the goal was clear, to learn to become self sufficient, and to show people around me how to do it as well.

While Daniel’s commitments and obligations as a member of the US Air Force kept him occupied for many years, the dream only grew stronger.

In 2016 to 2017, Daniel had the opportunity to participate in formal education relevant to off grid living, including the Oregon State University Permaculture Design Course, and a 10 week natural building apprenticeship held at Jhamste Gatsal Children’s Community, India.

Early 2018, Daniel moved back to the pacific northwest to establish an off grid lifestyle. By this time, he new that his mission in life was not only to enjoy the serenity that comes with living close to the land, but to share his knowledge with others.

Later that year he established “A Seed Forever, LLC” as business entity that encapsulates the notion that a thought is really a seed that grows in the mind of the beholder. The fruit of these seeds is human action. “A Seed Forever, LLC” takes upon itself to plant seeds who’s fruit both promotes the eternal existence of the human race, and the “seeds” which sustain it. That makes it both a seed of forever, and that lasts forever.

In 2019, Daniel started building Off Grid Permaculture in earnest with online written content, videos, and a live Off Grid Summit held in Olympia, Washington.

Off Grid Permaculture, continues to grow and expand our offering, with the hope of making a lasting contribution to the off grid, back to the land, modern homesteading, self-sufficiency, pro-sustainability community.