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Water Systems Articles

On Demand Off Grid Hot Water Heater Tankless Propane

Off Grid On Demand Hot Water Heaters | The Best Options Available

Tankless on-demand hot water heaters are highly efficient appliances suitable for off-grid homesteads. But, there are several pitfalls to watch out for, which on-grid installations don't have to consider. With many brands choose from, these are the three best makes and models for off-grid hot water heating.

Solar Hot Water Heater Design

Off Grid Solar Hot Water | Easy Low Cost Ways to Get a Hot Shower

Today, while planning an upgrade to my off grid hot water system, I went looking for the best solar water heater options available at a reasonable cost. Solar electric based heaters are not cost efficient compared to direct solar heating, and so many off-gridders end up resorting to propane or natural gas based water heaters. But, there are many great lesser known solar water heating options out there.

Solar Powered Water Pump

How to Run a Well Pump on Solar

One question I commonly get from people building an off grid power system, is whether they can run a deep water well pump from a solar system. So, today I decided to answer that question for everyone.

How Much Rainwater Can You Collect

Estimate How Much Rainwater You Can Collect the Easy Way

This week I was working with a friend to find good size water barrels for their house, and the question came up, How much rainwater could we collect in a year? So, I thought I would share with you today, the easy way to figure out just how much could be collected on your roof in a year (or month). No measuring!

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Off Grid Water Guide | Well, Septic, Sewer, Grey Water, and More

For quite a while I have been researching the best ways to build an off grid water system, and today I thought I would write down everything I know. There are many options for off the grid water besides just a well and septic. So, hopefully this helps people getting started get an idea how they can have water on their property.

Alternative Toilets for Off Grid Sites with No Septic

Best Alternative Off Grid Toilets - No Septic!

If you are like me, the cost of new septic was too high, and you weren't sure if one would work way out on your property anyway. That's why I went out and found the best off grid toilets for remote cabins or eco-friendly homesteads.

Off Grid Water Purification Pump Drinking Water Clean Safe for the Homestead

Off Grid Water Purification: Safe and Low Cost

Like me you might have wondered, do I really need to pay out for an expensive deep well when I have so much water on my property? I have spent time researching the best low cost water yet reliable filtration systems for my off grid homestead, and this is what I have found.

Grey Water Safe Shampoo Recommendations for Healthy Gardens

Guide to Grey Water Safe Shampoo

The first thought that many conversation minded individuals have after taking a shower is often, how can I reuse all that water? Using 'grey water' like bath water to irrigate your garden may be a good alternative, if you know the right shampoos to use that won't hurt your plants.

Grey Water Pipe Systems for Off Grid Permaculture

Safe Detergents And Soaps For Grey Water Systems

For off grid and permaculturists, reusing mildly dirty water in a grey water systems is a no brainer since it saves money, conserves water, and finds a use for every waste. But, for the beginner it can be a little scary, because you don't want to accidentally poison your plants in the process. Don't worry, using grey water safely can be very simple, and I'll walk you through what you need to know.

Collecting Rainwater on the Roof

Off Grid Rainwater Collection - Complete How To Guide

For those of us still paying for water to drink, wash in, and irregate our plants, the idea of collecting free rain water from our roofs seems naturally appealing. There is a lot of confusion out there about the best way to harvest and store the water that falls naturally on your roof. But it doesn't have to be that hard.