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Sustainable Housing Articles

How To Build Your Own Yurt

Build Your Own Yurt | The Easy Low Cost DIY Method Anyone Can Make

Yurts are a low cost and portable way to start going off grid. While there are many yurts for sale commercially, the cheapest (and funnest!) way to start living in a yurt is to build one yourself. Here is a cheap and easy way to build your own yurt, based on the plans I used when I build my own off grid yurt.

Yurt Permanent Structure

Are Yurts Permanent Structures? | A Straight Answer

As a yurt dweller, people often ask me if I can consider my yurt to be a permanent place to live. While the laws aren't always perfectly clear on this, I thought I would pass I what I know about the status of yurts as permanent structures

Off Grid Cabin Building Ideas

Best Ideas for Building Off Grid | 10 Ways to Live Self Sufficiently

So many aspiring homesteaders are stuck on the high price of buying a house. But for those willing to do it themselves, there are some many better options out there that you may never have heard of. Here ar 10 good ways to build off grid for less money.

Cost of Buying and Owning a Large Yurt

Cost of Buying and Owning a Large Yurt

If you are anything like me, you have fallen in love with yurts at first site, and have to have one. But, how much do these portable structures really cost. Let me break down what I've found for the true cost of buying and owning a yurt.

Yurt Living Off Grid Homestead Debt Free

How To Live In A Yurt Full-Time To Save Money And Go Debt-Free

Although you may not have heard the word Yurt before, you have probably seen these iconic round structures. They are increasingly popular as semi-permanent and permanent off grid structures, who's low cost and DIY friendly construction mean that debt-free living is possible for anyone. Let me walk you through everything you need to know about yurts to get started.