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DIY Off Grid Micro-hydro Power System

Off Grid Hyrdo-Electric & Micro-Hydro How-To Guide

While building up my own off grid homestead, I wondered if off grid micro-hydro might be a good match for my needs. With more consistent power generation and less visibility, micro hydro can be a good power source. Let me share what I’ve found with you.

2020-02-15 21:20:24
Effects of Solar Panel Tilting Diagram

Solar Panel Tilt Angle by Zip Code and City

This table shows the optimum solar panel angle from dead flat for every US zip code and most cities. This angle optimizes the average yearly power output for fixed solar panel facing south at the given angle.

2019-11-04 10:12:21
Optimum Tilt Angle For Off Grid Solar Panels to Maximize Energy

Solar Panel Tilt Angle for Maximum Power - On Grid & Off Grid Systems

One big mistake people commonly make when design and setting up their own off grid or on grid solar system is to not take in to account proper panel angle. It may seem simple at first glance, but facing your panels at the wrong tilt can cost you a lot in lost power if you aren’t careful.

2019-11-03 10:12:21
Solar Shading of Off Grid Solar Panels at Sunset

Why Solar Panel Shading is a Big Deal

Shade is the enemy of solar panels, but common in lush green homesteads and farmsteads of the off grid community. Even small amounts can destroy power output of solar systems. Let me walk you through what shade does to your solar system.

2019-10-18 23:57:00
Nickel Iron Edison Batteries

Nickel Iron Batteries For Off Grid Energy Systems

Nickel iron batteries are a century old technology that has profound potential impact for off grid energy systems. The weakest point of renewable energy production, batteries systems are typically expensive, fragile, toxic, and fail relatively quickly. Iron batteries, however, once the darling of famous inventor Thomas Edison, solve many of these problems and seem to be prefect for off grid energy systems.

2019-10-12 00:26:04
Refrigerator Dc System Urlta Efficient Design

Ultra Efficient Refrigerator Freezer Design For Self Sufficiency

Although there are a number of option for low power consumption refrigeration technologies when going off grid, there are none that tick all the boxes of a low cost, sustainable solution. In this articles I’ll introduce my DIY ultra efficient refrigerator / freezer design.

2019-10-07 21:18:58
Off Grid Yurt with Electrical Panel

Introduction to Off Grid Electrical Systems

To the uninitiated, there can be a bewildering amount of terminology surrounding electricity and electronics. Below I’m going to give a simple description of the most basic terms you need to know to understand and set up your off grid electrical system.

2019-10-04 09:54:10
Solar Panels on Off Grid Home

Total Cost Of Off Grid Solar Photovoltaic Systems

The first thing people think of when they consider going off grid is the cost of installing solar panels to meet their power needs. But, when budgeting for such a system, it can be hard figure out what you actually need, and how to save money. I’ve done the research for you, and give a plane answer to how much solar power will actually cost.

2019-06-27 18:09:12