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Homestead Articles

Answers to Common Homesteading Questions

Answers to Common Homesteading Questions

How do homesteaders pay for water? How can you learn homesteading? How many people give up homesteading? Can you still get free homestead land? Free seeds? Short answers to common homesteading questions all in one place.

Homesteading Family How To Get Your Family Off The Grid

Becoming a Homesteading Family | How To Get Your Family Off the Grid

Want to move off the grid, but not sure how to bring your family along for the ride. Building a homestead is a fun, but challenging experience that has the power to bring families together like almost nothing else, if approach correctly. Here are 9 tips to help make your family in to a homesteading family, and have a blast doing it.

Best Homesteading Apps Iphone Android

Essential Apps for Homesteaders | Ultimate Off Grid Apps Review

While most homesteaders, like me, don't want to be too reliant on technology, a few great iPhone and Android apps are just too good to pass up. With many homesteaders using a power efficient phone as their primary home computer, these top homesteading apps help you get the info you need and record helpful data fast, so you can get on with enjoying your off grid life.