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Healthy Food Articles

Canning Without Lids Paraffin Wax Canning

How to Can without Lids | Alternatives when No Canning Lids are Available

With canning lids is short supply in many areas of the country, what options does a self-sufficient homestead have to preserve their harvest? Here are the best options for canning without lids.

Homestead Animals Best Most Popular Chicken Goat Horse Pig Cow Sheep

Most Productive Animals for the Homestead | Plus One You Won't Guess

Like many, the thought of braining in farm animals to the homestead both excited me and scared me a little. While we want to get started as quickly as possible, buying too many too soon is a recipe for disaster. So, which animal is best for your homestead? Here are the most beneficial and productive homestead animals, and how to choose the right one for you.

Pressure Canner All American Vs Presto

Presto vs All American | Which Pressure Canner is Right for You?

Pressure canners are an indispensable tool for home food preservation, being the only safe way to can low acidity foods and meats. Being one of the more expensive items you are likely to have in your kitchen, and you family's safety on the line, choosing between Presto and All American canners can be a difficult decision.

How To Build A Root Cellar

Build the Ultimate Root Cellar | 9 Steps to Self-Sufficient Food Storage

Root cellars are cool old tech that keeps food --- primarily fruit and vegetables --- fresh for up to a year, without any electricity. Building a root cellar is great way to store harvests from large gardens, and as a backup in case of emergency. So here is my simple guide on how to build root cellar, with bonus tips at the end ---

Make Your Fruit Trees Immune to Deer

Make Fruit Trees Immune to Deer | One Secret You Can’t Miss

Living off the grid connects people with nature, themselves, and even spiritual peace. Being out in the country, away from the fast-paced polluted lifestyle of the cities, is an experience that makes the entire lifestyle worth it. What inexperienced off gridders don't realize is that in the countryside they are subject to a new enemy. Deer.

How to Grow Food Off the Grid

How to Grow Food Off Grid | A Self-Sufficiency Survival Garden

When I first started going off grid, growing all my own food seemed like a daunting task. But, it doesn't have to be that complicated. Here is how you can grow your own off grid garden for survival or self-sufficiency.

Cooking without Electricity on Wood Fire Stove

How To Cook Off Grid Without Electricity

Leaving your old range behind can seem like an adventure to some. But, when it comes to sustainable, low cost, off grid cooking options, there is a wide variety of tasty and fun options that will make you wonder why you ever cooked with electric at all.

Off Grid Food Preservation

Off Grid Food Preservation — Techniques You Need To Know

For many off gridders, growing and hunting the food is the fun part but the real challenge begins when you try to store it for later. Nature dictates that food is much more plentiful part of the year, and so those who wish to live freely and independently from the industrial food system need to know how to stock up their pantry for good eating all year long.