Who Are OffGridders?

January 10, 2020

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With so much interest from many different places, many people are asking what does it really mean to be off grid or count oneself as an “off-gridder”. Although some people might tell you there is no true Scotsman when it comes to authentic homesteading, in reality there are many types of authentic “off-gridders” and room for many more.

What is an Offgridder? An off-gridder is someone who attempts to live in some manner disconnected from public utilities or markets. Typically off-gridders make some attempt to generate their own power, collect their own water, heat and cook independently. They often grow their own food and raise livestock in an effort to wholly or partially care for themselves and their family independently of industrial food production systems.

If you think you might be an off gridder, or are wondering if off gridding might be right for you and your family, then read on! I’ll go over 10 common traits of an off gridder and top qualities that are perfect for an off grid lifestyle.

10 Qualities of an Offgridder

So what really makes you an off gridder or a good match for the off grid lifestyle. Here are the top 10 markers that life on the modern homestead is right for you.

10. Offgridders Thrive Having Independence

A key quality found in all those who live successfully off grid and find a long term state of sustainability is desire for independence.

Unbeknownst to many individuals is that most people live in a state of partial brain washing by society. Parents, friends, bosses, politicians, news, doctors, etc all have an agenda. And often that agenda comes at the expense of your free thought and self expression.

Being an offgridder often means that you value independence to make your own way and experience life to the fullest outside the bounds of what general society has allowed you in the past.

Clean Healthy Food

9. Offgridders Love Clean Healthy Food

A key benefit of living off grid is access to the cleanest, healthiest food on the planet. With the looming effects of genetically modified food, overuse of pesticides, medicated beef, irradiated vegetables, chemical preservatives, and pandemic diseases overshadowing the factory farming system, the access to real food is growing ever more precious.

By returning to old world farming practices combined with the newest advances in no dig gardening, permaculture, and organic agriculture, offgridders are able to grow high quality and nutritious food. Better than whats for sale in any store.

If clean food is an aspiration in your life, then living off grid might be right for you.

8. Offgridders Don’t Mind A Little Hard Work

Returning a bit to old world values, offgridders don’t shy away from a little hard work. Sorely lacking in the modern job market are productive jobs with real tangible payoffs.

Being physically active and working out of doors are key draws for proponents of the off grid lifestyle. And, rather than working for the man, offgridders get to spend much of their time improving their own land and enjoying the fruits of their own behavior.

7. Offgridders Seek Truth and Reality

Modern society is slowly descending in to an electronically generated pit of self-illusion and malicious deception. If the news is getting you down, and you couldn’t care less what happened to the Kardashians this week, then you living off grid might be right for you.

One of the most compiling aspects of becoming self-reliant is that nature doesn’t care about your self deceptions. The hard truths and demands of keeping food on the table, the animals cared for, and the fact that work needs to get done on time no matter how you feel that day come as hard reality checks to the soft children of modern society (myself being one of them).

However, this daily trial of fire keeps us honest and humble. There is a reason why every major religion from Christianity to Buddhism finds virtue in honest, hardworking, down to Earth lifestyles. So whether you are spiritually inclined or just want a break from fake Hollywood culture, offgridding is a lifestyle you should consider.

Developing Food Security

6. Offgridders Value Their Security

With mounting uncertainty in the form of government surveillance, lack of food security, global pollution, potential societal collapse, and financial instability, a little security is hard to come by.

What offgridders know and others are coming to learn is that true stability is only achievable when you are prepared to care for yourself, your family, and your community. Only when we take the time to invest in and develop independently viable energy, heat, water, and waste systems, can we be sure of our survival in the future. By growing our own food on our own land, learning to cook, hunt, and preserve our harvest naturally we have catered for our own longevity and have established an island of security around us.

5. Offgridders Are Committed to Sustainability

Many many people our outwardly concerned about global climate change, pollution, raising sea levels, and much more. But very few people take significant and concrete action that realizes any true benefits. Too often the well meaning are suckered in to slacktivism and well meaning but shallow Facebook crusading.

In my humble opinion, the only true climate activist are those that get off their butt and start farming. By cutting themselves off from the global network of production/consumption offgridders can be certain that their existence is not having a negative effect on the planet.

When by far the majority of energy and materials that you consume come from your property and nature right around you, then you have tangible and comprehensible proof that you are living a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. And, when you depend on your land for your livelihood, you are deeply invested in keeping the land pristine and productive

4. Offgridders Want to be Their Own Boss

Tired of working for the man? When you work for others you are dependent on them for survival. And they know it.

I probably don’t have to explain to you have soul crushing so many jobs are now. And even if you are in job that you like, you have no real control of how long you work there. Business close, and people get laid off due to no fault of their own.

If you have the motivation to set your own schedule, and want to be accountable to yourself and your family before anyone else, then the off grid lifestyle could be a good fit for you.

Off Grid Finances

3. Offgridders Live Outside of Money

They say money is the root of all evil. From greedy Wall Street traders cleaning out your retirement to unexpected hyper-inflation and market collapse, there is a lot to be wary about when dealing with money.

Living off grid simplifies the score because it eliminates so much complexity and potential for graft. Offgridders live within their means and focus there energy on procuring and developing systems that guarantee life directly.

The first month that you don’t need to open you checkbook or drain your bank account to pay for rent, utilities, and groceries is when you will feel certain that you made the right choice to move out of the city and go off grid.

2. Offgridders Quit Their Day Jobs

How many sad people have you met who have lived their whole lives missing the richest and most engaging parts of it to a daily commute and soul crushing profession just to wind up in debt trying to keep up with Jones’? It’s indisputable that the most valuable times of our lives are those we spend with family, deepening connections with spouses and lovers, raising children, and playing with grandchildren.

Being an off gridder and living the off grid lifestyle is as much about living a high quality life as it is about growing food or installing solar panels.

Going off grid gives you the freedom to quit your day job and follow your life’s passion. By taking care of yourself with your own two hands, reducing your expenses, and learning to live humbly, you have earned the right to experience the gems of life that money just can’t buy

If your are ready to get out of the rat race and spend quality time bailing your own land with your family at hand, then you should consider living off grid.

Living Debt Free in an Off Grid Yurt

1. Offgridders Love Life

The number one quality of an offgridder is that they love life. We find joy in the sable aspects of life — the rain in the trees, the pecking of chickens, and the deep heart feeling of seeing a full pantry after long hours of planting, harvest, and processing.

To be completely honest with you, living in the modern world is almost like a drug. We are over stimulated, over stressed, and reckless.

By going off grid, we return a little bit back to reality and can see the joys of life in a way that majority of people caught in the digital fog will never be able to understand.

If you rather experience life first hand rather than through a daily Facebook feed, seek to develop real relationships and friendships, and are content to stop and take a break when you have earned enough, then you might just be an offgridder.

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