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One great way to learn homesteading, off grid living, and permaculture is through apprenticeship and hands-on courses. Nothing beats real experiences. But, it can be difficult to find opportunities available. Which is why I’ve compiled a list off all the homesteading apprenticeships, internships, and courses I could find.

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Mountain Harvest Organics

About the program:

“We’re in our twentieth year of operating this farm,and have been offering apprenticeship positions for over 15 years, so have acquired experience in teaching the craft of farming over those years.”

“Throughout the season we have mini workshops based on topics that you hope to learn more in depth than what is gained from working along side us in the field.”

  • Type – Apprenticeship
  • Location — Hot Spring, North Carolina, USA
  • Work Hours — Tuesday – Sunday, 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM, 1 – 1/2 hour lunch break
  • Compensation — Room and board (26’ camper), 1/2 day hands-on instruction, limited internet
  • Duration – 1 Season

More information and how to apply to Mountian Harvest Organics

Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners

Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners (MOFGA) is a collection of small organic farms that offer a variety of apprenticeship programs administered my member farms. From there website:

“MOFGA’s Apprenticeship Program is targeted for young adults, with or without previous farming experience, but all are welcome to apply. Apprenticeships may begin any time during the year, and last for any duration, but most farmers are looking for apprentices who will commit for the entire growing season (early March through late October) or longer. The usual apprenticeship is an immersive practicum involving labor in return for room and board, instruction, and experience. Many farmers pay a modest stipend in addition.”

Terms of the apprenticeships vary from farm to farm.

  • Type – Apprenticeship
  • Location — Maine, USA
  • Work Hours — Typically 40–50 hours a week, five days a week
  • Compensation — Room and board, some provide small stipend
  • Duration — 2–9 months during growing season

More information and how to apply to Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners

Slice of Heaven Farm Apprenticeship

Slice of Heaven Farm

Slice of Heaven operates a 100 member CSA and two local farmers markets in the mountains of Oregon. From their website

“We consider our apprenticeship to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Our apprenticeship is better than going to school for farming because it is a fully hands-on experience, and you will be 100% immersed in the daily and seasonal workings of a real farm. We welcome our apprentices with open arms and they become part of our family. We have a demanding high energy working environment that is also extremely fun, enlightening and rewarding. We work very hard throughout the season but we also punctuate our season with lots of celebrations and fun (birthdays, solstice celebrations, day trips to local areas). You will leave our farm with a great appreciation for the work that farmers do and lifelong memories.”

They offer both full season apprenticeships and shorter summer internships.


  • Location — Sandy, Oregon, USA
  • Work Hours — 5 days a week
  • Compensation — Room and board, $800/mo
  • Duration — March 15th – October 31st


  • Location — Sandy, Oregon, USA
  • Work Hours — 4 days a week
  • Compensation — Room and board, $400/mo
  • Duration — June – September

More information and how to apply to Slice of Heaven Farm’s Programs

Red Shirt Farm

Red Shirt is a family owned organic farm that operates a CSA. They grow vegetables and raise pastured poultry and pork. The farm has been operating successfully for over 10 years.

They describe their internship as a highly educational experience. In their own words —

"Be part of a small farm making a BIG difference

  • Develop the skills and experience to start your own farm.
  • Work on a human-scale farm using tools and techniques accessible to beginning farmers.
  • Learn no-till techniques that build soil, sequester carbon and mitigate climate change.
  • Preserve heritage breeds, save genetic diversity and foster regional food security.
  • Work with a local youth group, instill confidence and empower young changemakers.
  • Strengthen the local food system, build community and transform health."

Their program offers:

  • Type – Apprenticeship
  • Location — Lanesboro, Massachusetts, USA
  • Work Hours — 50-55 hours a week, 1/2 day on Saturday
  • Compensation — Room and board (individual cabins), $900/mo, internet
  • Duration — April 1st – November 22nd

More information and how to apply to Red Shirt Farm’s apprenticeship program

Wolf Camp & School of Natural Science

Wolf Camp is an organic permaculture farm that also boasts training in a wide variety of traditional skills like medicinal herb collection and food preservation that uncommon among homesteading apprenticeship opportunities. They also mix in entrepreneurial skills with regular agricultural training.

According to their website:

“Skills you will develop include • Farm Animal Care & Cultivation • Organic Fruit Orcharding, Herb & Vegetable Gardening • Sustainable Building • Natural Selection Restoration • Budgeting & Profits from Entrepreneurial Cottage Industry • Wild Edible Foraging & Preparation • Paleo & Vegan Cooking & Food Storage • Medicinal Herb Collection & Preservation and more.”


  • Type – Apprenticeship
  • Location — Puyallup, Washington, USA
  • Work Hours — 6 days a week
  • Compensation — Room and board, 50% share of revenue
  • Duration — June 20th – August 28th (early and late start available)

More information and how to apply to Wolf Camp’s apprenticeship program

Living Roots Farm School Apprenticeship Program

Living roots is an intimate educational experience that mixes in organic farming with business & marketing as well as yoga and massage (optional). In their own words —

“Are you interested in running your own organic, sustainable, small farm? Or your own gardens or permaculture based growing operation? Does changing your lifestyle to include more sustainable practices interest you? Living Roots Farm and Sustainable Living Center has given a life changing apprenticeship experience to hundreds of people that answered Yes to some of these questions!”

“This is an intimate, hands-on training program. Instead of the institutional feel of a large university or online program, you get an organic, down-to-earth, human experience. The farm school’s intention is to empower apprentices by giving them real life farm and living experience.”


  • Type – Apprenticeship
  • Location — French Lick, Indiana
  • Work Hours — 3 days a week, 21–28 hours
  • Compensation — Room and board
  • Duration
    • March 7th – November 13th, 2021
    • March 7th – May 29th, 2021
    • May 30th – August 14th, 2021
    • August 15th – November 13th, 2021
    • November 14th – March 5th, 2022

More information and how to apply to Living Roots Farm’s apprenticeship program

Other Farming Apprenticeship Directories

The following are large directories of available farming apprenticeships, internships, and other programs.

Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF)

WWOOF is a well known organization that matches “host” organic farms with “guest” workers or students. Their website boasts having listing for over 12,000 organic farms in 120 countries. For apprentices in interested in international travel opportunities, WWOOF is probably their best choice.

All WWOOF opportunities are restricted from any money changing hands. Apprentices are compensated with room and board. Although, living conditions vary widely from location to location. Typically guests will pay their travel expenses to and from the farm.

See available apprenticeships on

ATTRA Sustainable Agriculture

ATTRA is a program of the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) listing hundreds of farm apprenticeships and internships within the United States.

Every farm sets their own conditions, but many listings on this directory offer room and board in addition to a monitory stipend. Most opportunities are looking for full time interns to work on the premises for a full season, although many owners offer some flexibly in the arrangement.

See available internships on ATTRA

Backdoor Jobs

Listing of work, travel, and volunteer opportunities around the world. They list some farm related programs.

See farm related listings on Backdoor Jobs