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Clothes Washing for Off Grid and Homesteading

5 Ways to Wash Your Clothes Off Grid

Once the dread of mother’s Mondays across the world, many people wonder if going off grid means you need to return to the world of the washerwoman’s drudgery. Luckily, there are many modern and classic methods for washing clothes without electricity or even running water that make laundry on the modern homestead a breeze.

2020-01-20 17:53:47

Who Are OffGridders?

With so much interest from many different places, many people are asking what does it really mean to be off grid or count oneself as an “off-gridder”. Although some people might tell you there is no true Scotsman when it comes to authentic homesteading, in reality there are many types of authentic “off-gridders” and room for many more.

2020-01-10 21:47:21
Getting Started Going Off Grid

Getting Started Going Off Grid — A Beginners Guide

The dream of living off grid, cutting off the utility bills, and returning to a freedom rarely found in our generation is one that many people have. But, it can be daunting to get started. That’s why I wrote this simple guide to get you started.

2019-06-25 15:36:49
Off Grid Home Definition

Definition Of Off Grid Homes

With living off the grid become more and more popular, you may be wondering exactly what an off grid home means. Although off grid homes can mean many things to many people, I’ll walk you through the simple definitions below.

2019-06-15 14:01:31
Definition of Off Grid Homes

Definition of Off Grid Living

Off grid is a term that many people see now below pictures of quaint farm houses and cabins in the woods. But what exactly is off grid?

2019-06-09 17:16:36
Off Grid Refrigeration

What Is Off Grid Permaculture?

Every beginning has an end — a Yin and Yang so foundational to life that for much of human history, man has enshrined this pervading reality at the core of their philosophy, and recognized it in the rhythm of their daily lives. But in our current age of excess, we have all but lost touch with this fact. Our industry, education, and institutions worship the idols of “endless growth” and “eternal progress”, which have brought our people both riches and suffering. Yet, this mistake will not continue unchecked. Eventually, balance will come. The object of off grid permaculture is to find this balance, cultivate wisdom, and achieve happiness and abundance in the process.

2019-05-07 17:16:36